Garden Soil Amendments

Llama-Alpaca Manure $7/bag
Our Llama-Alpaca manure is packaged in convenient 18 gallon 2.5 mil. plastic bags. Each bag weighs at least 40 pounds.

The benefits of this manure include a mild odor, naturally pelleted, and non-burning. You may choose from "new" manure, "aged" manure, or "composted" manure. According to Barry Kintzer, P.E. (National Environmental Engineer, USDA-NRCS-CED) the NPK nutrient analysis is .8-.3.-.7 , the nutrient ratio (NPK) is 2.7:1:2.3 It will make your plants green right up, and when applied right at planting time, will give your seeds the extra nitrogen boost that they need to succeed. It's "greateraid for your garden"!

Wise gardeners buy in bulk during the winter months, spread the manure over the garden area, let it rot, and by March, it is ready for tilling and planting.

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Leaf Compost (Duff) $3/bag
Our leaf compost comes from native big leaf maples. It has been naturally decomposed for at least 6 months.

We package the leaf compost in convenient 18 gallon 2.5 mil. bags. It makes a fantastic mulch, and when combined with our Llama-Alpaca manure, will make your garden the envy or your neighborhood!

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