About Fair Meadows Farm


Aspiring toward teamwork

The lifelong desire for a deeper, better understanding of dynamic two-way communication between humans and animals is a gift given to some and embraced by few.  Call it intuition, a sixth sense, or “a knack with animals”.  In my case, it emerged in early childhood, and even after five decades, continues to motivate, challenge and uplift. What is better than an animal you have trained to shift from indifference or distrust to respect and happy compliance, then on to the status of a teammate?

Mutual trust


Judging is observing, reading, and absorbing information about animal type, structure and movement, then applying the knowledge to the individual specimen before you. “An eye for a dog” or horse, or alpaca, is similar to “an ear for harmony” in music.  Not only sight, but touch, sound and the intangible discernment of excellence comprise the tools of an animal judge.


Abundant pasture grass

In a safe, spacious setting complete with appropriate equipment, and conscientious care, much can be accomplished to further the companion animal’s journey from stranger to teammate.  Fair Meadows Farm features 8 fenced and cross-fenced acres with pasture, forest, automatic waterers, loafing sheds, variable surfaces, cavaletti, and locations for enriched training opportunities only minutes away.  Indoor spaces feature a fully tiled floor, radiant heat, and maximum daylight in each room. Baby gates, dog crates, and x-pens are available if needed.

Our cozy hydronic radiant heated tile floor is also indestructible by dogs


Please contact us by phone (253) 8 3 3-0 1 1 3 (we are in the Pacific Time Zone) or email: Eva @ Fair Meadows Farm .com